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August 23, 2017

Marie Krnakova and her exciting journey to build her perfume business

Marie was born in the Czech Republic . Czech Republic being then a communist country firmly behind the Iron curtain perfumes were a luxury that were simply not available. Marie's family lived in the southern part of the Cz
August 8, 2017

Visit from Australia

We had a very enchanting visit from Australia. Yvonne Holden who lives in beautiful Sidney, just 6 km from the fantastic opera house, enjoys ancestry . Since she retired from her job, she was one of the first lady bus driv
August 2, 2017

Josephine Ortega’s fabulous project for the ACE Hotel in London

Josephine works at the moment at a wall hanging for the Hotel Ace in London Shoreditch. The wall hanging is hand knotted with woollen threads, some of them hand dyed by Josephine. She has to make sure to get the correct co

Brand new project LACED coming to Oldknows Factory

We are introducing a beauty & fashion incubator from our hub in Nottingham at Oldknows Factory. Our aim is to scout out the best business ideas , unlock talented individuals and discover innovative products. Creatin
August 1, 2017

painting alone at home ?

Why not rent an affordable artist studio at Oldknows Factory and be a member of one of our friendly creative communities . Have a cup of tea with like minded people and enjoy the perfect natural light that flows in through
July 19, 2017

3 of our resident artists are exhibiting at Friar Lane Gallery from 1st – 6th August

Martin Jones, Anne Jacobs and Bob Adams , all artists who have studios at Oldknows Factory, are showing their work at The Friar Lane Gallery in Nottingham. The show is called " Background " and shows paintings, prints,
June 9, 2017

one of our long term tenants Paul Atchison talks about his projects

Paul is since 2011 in our building. He took on to start with a small one person private studio. When his company started growing , going from strength to strength, Paul moved into a bigger office with 3 fellow web designer
June 2, 2017

Maria Laura Wandavi launched her new website !

Maria Laura Wandavi has launched her new website. Please have look at http://www.lallawandavi.com/projects Her fabulous knitwear is all vegan, eco friendly and ethical. Wearing her wonderful fashion you tick all the
May 31, 2017

Tom Price about his successfully operating 3WN graphic design company

I had the pleasure to talk last week with Tom who is since several years a happy tenant at Oldknows Factory. Tom told me that he was working for many years in the music industry . Tom is successfully using all his valuable
May 23, 2017

Chris Hoare , established advertisment photographer at Oldknows Factory

Chris Hoare worked 10 years as an photographer for a London based advertisement photographer.  2 years ago Chris changed his home base to Nottingham and he rented a private office studio at Oldknows Factory. 10 years of a