Marie Krnakova and her exciting journey to build her perfume business

Marie was born in the Czech Republic . Czech Republic being then a communist country firmly behind the Iron curtain perfumes were a luxury that were simply not available. Marie’s family lived in the southern part of the Czech Republic and their television  picked up Austrian TV where all luxury western goods were shown in advertisements. Marie’s family home was in the countryside and Marie was always mesmerised by the scents of nature, the flowers , the herbs, the tree barks. So many unique aromas and smells.

When the Iron curtain finally lifted Marie had access to her longed for perfumes she saw on TV. Her first perfume purchase was Dior’s ” Dolce Vita ” . Marie still has this first treasured bottle in her possession.

Marie was working as a physiotherapist with aromatherapy in the UK. She mixed her own oils for the treatments and her special oil treatment creations became much sought after. Her clients loved the benefits these oils had during treatment.

When Marie heard  that a perfume art school opened she was the first pupil to be enrolled. She studied there for 4 years.

Just over a year ago Marie decided to quit her job to dedicate all her time to build her perfume business.

Her website attracts clients from all over Europe and she managed to land a brilliant deal with UPS to send her goods without hassle.

Her perfume is stocked at the Broadmarsh Intu centre in the ” Made in Nottingham ” shop and she is working hard to get her perfume into more retailer shop floors.

Marie is very focussed on using natural oils, locally sourced where possible and her packaging is made out of recycled cardboard. Her perfumes smell divine and she has already a big fan crowd.

 Thank you Marie for taking your time to talk to us. It was so exciting to listen to your amazing story. We wish you best of luck and we hope your perfume empire goes from strength to strength.

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