Visit from Australia

We had a very enchanting visit from Australia. Yvonne Holden who lives in beautiful Sidney, just 6 km from the fantastic opera house, enjoys ancestry . Since she retired from her job, she was one of the first lady bus drivers in Sidney ! , she tries to uncover her family roots. Her passion brought her now to the “old”continent from where her ancestors originated. Her family left Ireland 1715 to find their luck in Australia. One of her ancestors though , his name was Fredrick Lymbery, lived around Nottingham and was a lace manufacturer at the Oldknows Factory. Yvonne was beaming of excitement to be in the same building her family member all these years ago worked. It was utterly wonderful to share this wonderful moment with Yvonne.

Moments like this just reminds us what a wonderful building Oldknows Factory is . Workplace for so many creative minds before us and hopefully so many to follow. We are merely the care takers of this wonderful heritage landmark and it is a joy to take care of this beautiful landmark.

Thank you so very much Yvonne for the visit! It was truly a pleasure.

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